30K in 2015

Yeah, that would be a nice bonus, but I'm not talking about money. I've set a goal to participate in at least six 5K events in 2015. No biggie. Walk 30 kilometers, or actually just under 20 miles, 3.14 miles at a time.

If you've seen me lately, you know how ambitious this is. That little hobble that is worse some days than others. That almost permanent addition to my wardrobe of the knee brace. The expanding width of my ass.

I was SO excited in that picture up there. I was the last one to cross the finish line (even those who had run the half-marathon), but it didn't matter. I walked the 10K and I finished. The encouragement along the way brought me to tears every time. The runners would pant "good job" as they passed me. There were still several people at the finish line cheering when I crossed. I was sobbing - in fact, I'm getting choked up with tears in my eyes right now remembering it.

I quit smoking a week later.

I maintained my weight until the arctic blast hit us at the beginning of 2014. I tried to blame the first 5 pounds on quitting smoking. I had quit working out, cancelling my gym membership because we weren't going - I hated the philosophy. I did not want a personal trainer - I had one I slept with every night. I would get phone calls asking when I was going to make appointments and was told: "Well, yeah, we have the equipment but we are primarily a personal training studio."

By May, I was at the heaviest weight of my life - again. I had reached what I weighed when Elliot was born. He was my biggest motivation in 2013. I wanted to be around as he grew up. Now I have three grandchildren and I want to stick around to dance at all of their weddings - many years in the future!

I know where my problems lie. It's not so much the food, even though (like everyone) I'm not perfect with what I eat. I don't move enough - period. I wrote an article way back in the day. The simple things I know to be true about losing weight and keeping it off, I just don't follow.

Then, I hurt my knee. Would it have happened if I weighed less? I can't answer that. Maybe it's just age, All I know is I've lived in pain in my right knee every single day since June 22. Some days are now better than others. I feel that I'm at about 95% most of the time. When I know I'm going to be on my feet for awhile, such as a marathon session in the kitchen, I wear my knee brace.

I know it's hard to believe by looking at my dewy complexion, but I'm going to be 50 this year. In fact, as of this writing, I will be 50 in less than two months. If the women on both sides of my family tree are any true indication, I have a lot of years left in me.

And I hate the fact that at nearly 50 years old, I have a hard time getting down on the ground to play with my grandson because I'm not sure if I'll be able to get back up again.

So, I have a plan. Walking to build up my endurance is obviously part of it. If the weather is too craptastic here (as it usually is in January), I have a mall that is open to walkers at 8:00 a.m. about 20 miles away. I also started my belly dancing classes last night. I loved it when I took them a couple of years ago. I felt stronger and more flexible. After last night, I've got some burn in my thighs, but it's a nice burn.

What I can't do after those belly dancing classes is what we did last night. Harry suggested a pizza and I said "Great - and I can get a salad!!!". Yeah, this pizza shop believes a salad is shredded iceberg lettuce topped with cheese, pepperoni, a couple of slices of nasty winter tomatoes, and olives. Not exactly what I was looking for. So, Thursdays will be slow cooker nights for the next few months.

AND!!!! I've already registered for my first event. I'm going to do the Pi Day 5K 2015 on March 14, 2015. (Pi Day - 3.14 - get it???) It will be just 10 days after my 50th birthday. Less than two months from now. But you know what?

I've got this.

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