Secret Outlast Completely Clear Gel - Product Review

Yes, I'm excited about deodorant. I received a sample as part of a BzzAgent Campaign in exchange for my honest opinion.

I wear a lot of dark colors, so I've always wanted a deodorant that wouldn't leave marks. Sadly, the gels I've tried in the past were never truly clear - there was always some residue. The other problem with most gels is the amount of time it takes for them to dry. I like to sleep in and I like to shower in the morning. I don't have time to stand around with my arms in the air waiting for my pits to dry.

On the first morning, I was nervous. I'm so used to being disappointed in "new and improved" products that have been around for years, I was prepared. After a few clicks to expose the gel and a couple of swipes under my arms, I was happy immediately. I like the smell - it's fresh, not perfume-y. The next test was answered in just a matters of seconds - fast drying! YAY!!

Of course, the main goal of any deodorant/antiperspirant is to protect against odor and wetness. Secret has always provided great protection and the Secret Outlast Completely Clear Gel holds up more than fine.

I have a secret (tee hee): I might not always take a shower on a Saturday, especially if I'm not going anywhere. And if I don't take a shower, I probably won't be putting on deodorant. I definitely noticed an improvement - no odor, no wetness. 48 hour coverage is great, if it works. This product does provide the coverage and it would be great for an overnight camping trip!

The last test for me is always what happens to the clothes. Deodorant marks look tacky and more than once I've had to change when some deodorant residue got on the outside of my clothes after I applied the product. In over a month, I never noticed a single white streak on any of my dark clothes.

I'm happy to have had the chance to try this out. I'm a fan of Secret again thanks to Outlast Completely Clear Gel.

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